# FideLeon Wedding // Wedding Paper goods 喜帖

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Planning for a wedding is crazy but I really enjoyed planning and taking care of the little details for #FideLeonWedding but with my little crazy ideas for our wedding papergood aka 喜帖.

I have to give all my thanks to our designer James Chiam and our printers Splash Media for taking care of our every whim and all your patience through the many many changes on the designs before we settled for our perfect 喜帖!

Photo Credits to EggBenedictChan

The perfect day starts with a perfect 喜帖! That's the start of everything right? 

We sent out a Save The Date about 3 months before 22 November to ask all our friends to keep their 22 Nov all for us! I wanted a postcard for a more casual feel for the save the dates, we featured the rough details and a verse of our march in song, At Last - Etta James.

The floral details were drawn by James as well, love it! We used this off white, cream paper for all the papergood thou for a vintage-y look, haha but it looks like white in the shots somehow.

For the 喜帖, James did a custom illustration of us hehe we sent him photos of the gown and suit we have pick out and he drew our bride + groom illustration wearing exactly what we will be marching in with.

I ordered a custom wax seal and the wax sticks from gmarket and customized return address stamps on etsy!

Splash Media also printed these envelope liners with really high quality stickers and inserted + stuck them on one by one, these envelope liners with our engagement + pre-wedding shots and many of our friends told us it was so nice that they can't bear to throw them away so they kept it as a keepsake! (:

Haha had to trouble Splash Media to help me print a waterproof sticker for my car decor because i ordered it from Taobao and blur me, I put the date as 22 September 2014 when i should be 22 November 2014!! Hahahaha oh gosh silly willy me!

Tealy, which is a local teashop was such a sweetheart to sponsor us with these lovely tea pyramids as our wedding favors! (We picked crytal pens and these adorable mugs as wedding favors too which was from the hotel) James designed the sticker with our Bride + Groom illustrations, isn't it adorable? Splash Media printed it on really good quality stickers so it was really easy for us to stick them on!

I was thinking that we didn't want to be the kind of couple to didn't interact with our guest but we probably don't have the chance to even if we wanted to so we decided to entertain our guest by sharing with them some silly stories of us!

So for our customized menu/thank you note we also included a section where we talked about our "silly stories" and there was 7 versions of them, so everybody on the table will have a different "story" and I was thinking that might get them laughing and checking out the stories of the person next to them and hopefully get them talking so it wouldn't be such a dull evening for them too!

Hahaha and my "spycam" photographer shot afew people checking them out so i hoped we did entertain you guys a little! hehe

The photobooth template and table numbers were designed by James too!

Contacts for your design/print needs:

Designer: James Chiam
8201 2424

Printers: Splash Media
Contact Tereen at 9423 3431 for quote/appointment
49 Tannery Lane #03-05 Noble Warehouse 
Singapore 347796 

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

DIY // Marbled Clay Ringdish

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So these days i've been getting my craft on and baking/cooking a little more because i wanted to do more of whatever i can do for fun now because my freedom is going to be over soooooon, haha i've been teased too much of being a Tai Tai for the past few months haha going to hongkong early feb and after CNY I will start my job hunt!

So i saw this super fab DIY that I wanted to get my hands on some clay and make me some gorgeous marbled clay ring dish ASAP. Went to the new Art Friend at Plaza Singapura and got me all the supplies i need! :D

Hahah i didn't want to stain my table with the clay so i used the back of the silicon macaron baking mat as a base to protect my table.

Ahhh i so love how pretty they turned out! I was happiest with this 2 which turned out really nice and i gifted the pink marbled ringdish to Jacelyn with a pretty pink gemstone ring on it for her birthday! I made a neon-y on for nadnut as well!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

#FideLeon Lune De Miel // Part 02 - London Drugstore beauty hauls, National History Museum!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Wheeee this is part two of #FideLeonLuneDeMiel! :)

Part 01 - London  - Village East & Christmas Markets + Circus at Winter Wonderland

 ★ VLOG Day 02 - National History Museum! Dino Raaaaaoarrrr~

Wanted to relax a little (like rilakkuma, relax bear behind us on the bed chilling only damn shiok) for the day but i've initially planned for a free city tours by Free Tours on Foot but because we were so slow we kind of missed it :/

Close eyes and walk into any deli and the food is always good! I had the Cajun chicken panini sandwich, mmmm~ I would like to have a panini press for our future house! 
But again, i want like ALOT of things.. so we'll see!

Went supermarket shopping for some fresh fruits and candies and come out 4 bags full with a couple lottery tickets just for the good fun!

OMG I WON £5!!! Errrr wait, minus the £4 spent on the lottery ticket, I won a grand total of £1!!
Hahahaha still very happily went to collect my winnings and spending it immediately by buying more candy muahahaha.


Spent an hour or so at SuperDrug (it's like their version of watsons) and bought a shitload of stuff! haha so everything was real heavy including our snackshopping at the supermarket, so we decided to head back to the apartment to leave our load first! 

Haha it's like every place i travel to I love to buy tampons!!! Hahahaha i know that's a little crazy :x
But the packaging is so cute! When you open it up it acts like a pretty storage box and looks pretty private and people don't really know it's a box of tampons hahaha

I love buying lippies and mascaras and hair treatments/styling products too!!

The Barry M lippies looks pretty promising, I used to love their pigments for my eyeshadows when i was 18/19! oh oh oh I LOVE the Aussie 5 minute miracle hair treatment, the Luscious Long version is sooooo awesome and it smells OMG YUMMY! I use to order Aussie hair treatments from but they don't seem to carry this Luscious Long version!

While leon went to boom boom pow (that's why we call erm pooping haha) I was being a good wife setting up the afternoon tea spread - brewing tea provided in the apartment + fresh fruits and sweet treats we bought from the trip to the supermarket!

Ahhh afternoon tea relaxing and watching squirrels out of our window 
(really happened to have a couple squirrels i'm not BS-ing! haha)

Can you spot the furry lil' one? (:
There were infact 2 but the other one ran off so quickly!


 Ice skating rink no.2!

Ice Skating Rink No. 1 was at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park the night before! 

We totally thought it's the same museum as the one in Night at the Museum but i think that was the one in US and not London, whoops. haha we were still looking up and down for the native people exhibition etc :x

HELLO DINO! Now that you've seen the dino can we go home now?! Hahahaha just kidding
Seriously, dunno how many dino related exhibtion/events i've been dragged to by the hubbay already.

Yah he always make me pose for real long like pose and smile for 30 seconds while he "find the right angle and lighting" but the photo always turn out mostly unflattering and like this ghostly look!

★National History Museum
Open daily from 10am to 5.50pm

Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD

Chanced upon this adorable candy store near Theatre Royal!
Rushing for our musical but die die must go in and bio some candy muahaha 
This is a sign of candy addiction, people.

Ain't it the most darling candy store EVER! So regret not buying more more more more!

I bought some as souveniers for friends and I gave one to our lovely airbnb host in Zurich and only opened mine to taste after coming back to Singapore and i love love love the Cocoa Dusted Truffles with Salted Butter Toffee pieces, it taste exactly as the description. Fucking heavenly la.

Hope & Greenwood

I couldn't put my finger on why I liked this store so much.. but now i know!!
Somehow this place reminds me of the CD-rom game CANDYLAND Adventure
My Childhood obsession LOL.

OMG can't believe i managed to find it on amazon, so gonna get this for my kid next time and play with them la! NAH! blast from the past. hahaha

If you're a 90s baby like me you probably know what i'm talking about haha it was my favourite thing ever, like next to actually eating candy. Don't know how much time i spent playing this last time.

Don't judge ok! There's no internet last time lol, all we can do is use microsoft words with our floppy disk or play CD Rom games LOL

Somebody was giving flyers on them and we were like heck just give it a try!
Hundred of puppets suspending on the ceiling, super colourful and vibrant but a wee bit creepy too haha

Tried the spiced coke or something but the flavor of the spices isn't strong at all haha so it's pretty much still very coke tasting. Meh.

Wahhh my butter chicken is damn awesome la, 
leon had mutton curry and the 羊烧味 was real strong!

★Masala Zone, Covent Garden

Gorgeous Theatre Royal, Drury Lane to catch Charlie and Chocolate Factory.
No photography allowed so I'm grabbing these screens below from the official site!

Badass awesome details on every set and it really lived up to my expectation and memories of reading the book as a child!

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

PS: I booked my tickets from ticketmaster thou, didn't do a price comparison or anything, simply because it's more convinient and i could see/book other musicals and shows!

 Ice skating rink no.3!

On our way back to our apartment and we chanced upon another ice skating rink! 
 in all but 2 days we've saw 3 skating rinks around the city. 0.0

Muaahah look at the candy/snacks we bought on our trip to the supermarket earlier that day, all for our roadtrip to the english countryside the following 3 days!

Had to end this post with these adorable juicy little sberries! (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.